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My name is Megan Frances Poulton,  I am 21 years young and I live in Enfield, London🇬🇧. I am an aspiring Interior Designer and currently studying a Diploma in Interior Design Skills with the NDA (National Design Academy). I have created this blog as a progression tool within my career and to compile all my favourite things in this world with regards to interior design, (I am sure I will feel the need to post about some other of my favourite things also!).

The name for my blog derives from a quote I saw describing an empty room as a blank canvas in need of a lick of paint. I now start every project/design with this in mind and decided it would be an ideal name so I hope you like it!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy my blog and what is to come.

If you have any queries please contact me on meganpoulton5@gmail.com

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Over and out 🥂✈️

Hello you gorgeous people!

I am off to Marbella on Thursday and I won’t be posting until after the 1st of June.

After then though, I will be dedicating my evenings to Blank Kanvas to bring you more of my posts, enjoy the week ahead 💖💖💖💖💖

Block Colour

Block colour is one of the bravest techniques any designer could use because of its vibrant style and very thin line between wrong and right, but when done right, it can look amazing!

As you know, I am currently doing a diploma and one of my assignments consisted of creating a presentation board for a contemporary colour scheme. I was thinking of neutrals, black and white then realised that the power we have to use colour in the spaces we live in is not taken advantage of! With modern colour schemes being taken over by beiges, champagne, white, browns and silvers, the age of block colouring and funky, exciting colours is slowly fading away.

Do not get me wrong, my ideal room would be a neutral warm ambience, maximising comfort and style whilst using minimalism to create the interior. However, when you mix this idea of cleanliness and purity with fun and striking colours, it works! Above, I have focused on a colour scheme involving purely white, pink and orange. I explain that while the pink and orange are very acidic colours and could be overpowering, the white is used to soften the space making it feel more comfortable to live in.

I have of my favourites below, let me know what you think!

A kitchen is no kitchen without a wine rack 


So I was playing around on SketchUp and created this kitchen/lounge style area. I decided it would be used for entertainment evenings, BBQ’s etc. The patio doors leading out to the garden add a luxury outside in theme. I wanted to make it open plan so that guests are not split from each other and can mingle.

Whilst I could go on for hours discussing my plans for the above, I wanted to create a post for all the wine lovers out there (I know there’s plenty of you!) and discuss the beautifully clever ideas of stacking wine in your kitchen.

Pinterest as we all know is a haven for new ideas and clever creations but I have selected just a few of my favourite wine holding models! So don’t be afraid to crack open the vino and delve into these gorgeous examples..

Tamara Ecclestone’s wardrobe of dreams

This week Solialite Tamara Ecclestone invited stylist Josh Newis-Smith into her gorgeous walk in wardrobe filled with chanel handbags and Valentino rock studs (in every colour!).

Tamara’s wardrobe has previously been valued at £5 million but with a recent birthday gift from her husband Jay Rutland of a Personalised Hermes bag, this may well have risen quite substantially!

As well as being filled with endless amounts of jealousy over the contents of this wardrobe, as a blogger interested in Interior Design, I paid close attention to the interior and it is gorgeous. The beautiful modern Georgian style that runs through the whole room could make any person feel like they are standing in pure glamour! The champagne colours also add to the luxury vintage look!

I love it, what do you think?

Wake up and smell the fragrance

Smell is said to be the most memorable sense there is. So when a room smells gorgeous, it instantly sticks in your memory. There are so many products currently on the market that promise to freshen your entire space of choice, however, they are okay for a quick fix, but for a long lasting beautiful fragrance you’re going to have to go a bit more up market in my opinion.

There are candles, air fresheners, reed diffusers and just simple perfumes for the home. I do think that the scent you choose should compliment the interior it is in for example, a room including oak, a log fire and wood beams should match with a woody, musky scent running through the room however if we are looking at an interior with a white wash matching with florals and pinks and yellows, a light floral scent would be more appropriate.

Just some of my favourites are featured below, let me know yours!


Sky High

In this month’s issue of Vogue, Claire Pilton picks out the best of the best penthouses in London and they are gorgeous! The luxury of the penthouse has always been the ultimate dream, your own space with no neighbours, high and mighty overlooking one of the world’s greatest cities. If you do have a spare £3.5 million, why not?

My favourite of the lot, and, one that remains one of the most gorgeous pent houses I’ve seen, has been dressed by BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge Daniel Hopwood and overlooks Canary Wharf and the Thames. The penthouse stands at Mount Anvil’s 31-storey Dollar Bay, E14. The penthouse has three bedrooms that opens to a luxurious winter garden. Take a look at the other gorgeous apartments and penthouses at Dollar Bay online at http://www.mountanvil.com/our-london-homes/dollar-bay/apartments/


My top 5 beauty buys 🛀🏽


Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish – £8.00

To those who know me, you would know I am obsessed with white teeth. I had braces for 3 and a half years and had them taken off when I was 16. Now, at the age of 21, I still get praised for my teeth and how I have managed to look after them for the past 5 years. I discovered teeth whitening shortly after my braces were taken off and became slowly obsessed! I have tried everything from plate teeth whitening to LED lights and from all these different products my teeth soon became very sensitive to the point I could barely smile if there was a gust of wind! However, in 2016, I discovered the Mr.Blanc range and I have never looked back. I started using the strips which you leave on for 30 minutes. My teeth still kept their white glow without the sensitive side effects. I loved the strips, but needed something more practical for day to day, that is when I discovered this little baby! Also from the Mr.Blanc range, the Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish has been my ultimate go to whitening product. I use the polish everyday before brushing my teeth with normal toothpaste and can instantly see a difference.  There is no pain and no sensitivity and leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh. You can use it everyday with no hesitation and will leave you with a gorgeous white glow! Try it today and let me know your thoughts! http://www.mrblancteeth.com


NARS Cosmetics – Laguna Bronzing Powder – £29.00

I live by a very popular phrase, life is better with a tan and this bronzing powder by NARS Cosmetics help you live up to the phrase. The powder is very light so does not feel heavy on the face at all but gives you a gorgeous golden glow. I particularly love this bronzer as the colour is  deep brown rather than orange which I find so many bronzers get wrong. I use this bronzer on holiday as it compliments a natural tan so well and doesn’t look unnatural (and it lasts forever!) Defo worth an instant buy in my opinion, I will never change my bronzer again!


Jo Malone-59_fotor

Jo Malone Cologne – Tuberose Angelica & Myrrh & Tonka £74.00 50ml

For this beauty buy I had to cram two into one as I just couldn’t make up my mind! Every woman needs their signature perfume and why not let it be from one of the most beautiful ranges out today, Jo Malone. Tuberose Angelica is my first and foremost favourite fragrance ever and is a gorgeous white floral scent. The one thing I look for in a fragrance is whether you can smell it when you walk past and I often get compliments when wearing the scent. It is a stunning feminine smell and I adore it! My second favourite from Jo Malone is more of a woody masculine scent, Myrrh & Tonka. The bestseller I personally would say can be worn as unisex as it captures both the floral femininity and the more musky smell of an aftershave. Treat yourself to these luxury scents on payday! (You won’t regret it)


 Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum – £98.00 50ml

This is one of my most favourite and prized possessions in my beauty bag. I only discovered this product a few weeks ago whilst shopping in Spitalfields market in London. I was given a complimentary face make-over and was given the serum as a sample. If you’re anything like me and love your skin feeling hydrated and fresh 24/7, this is the perfect product for you. I love this serum as it has a very versatile usage and can be used as a face cream, primer, moisturiser, highlight and just a serum for plain simple deep hydration. You can even use this over your makeup to give you a gorgeous healthy glow. It is quite pricy and is definitely not a nip to boots and pick up job, but come payday treat yourself to this beauty and say goodbye to dry skin forever!


Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Fluid Foundation – £37.00 30 ml

Last but definitely not least, my favourite foundation. I don’t wear a lot of make-up at all and have struggled for years to find a nice light foundation with full coverage. If you are not so much a fan of the matte look and prefer the dewy, fresh faced, moisture appearance as I do, I couldn’t recommend this particular foundation enough. The liquid is not heavy on the skin in the slightest but gives you a gorgeous full coverage glow. Needless to say, your skin looks utterly flawless. I am not a foundation fan and usually don’t use it day to day, but for nights out and date nights I use this foundation and manage to always get compliments.

I hope you’ve enjoyed delving into my beauty bag and let me know your thoughts if you try any out or already use the products! (P.S, all my comments are my own opinions and thoughts and have not been given any incentive to including the products mentioned.)



Bringing the outside in


In the month of June’s issue of ELLE Decoration, it is all about ‘the power of plants’. I love this idea and have compiled just some of my favourites in the images above.


I am no gardener but i adore beautiful plants, so this idea is one of my favourites. Indoor plants need little tlc and look gorgeous all year round. Aloe Vera plants are the best indoor plants in my opinion as they look as fresh as the day you bought them, every single day. There are many ways to incorporate plants into your humble abode whether its hanging from the ceiling in your kitchen, or placing a minature palm tree in your lounge. The beautiful thing about plants indoors is that you do not need a wide open space to compile plants within your room’s theme. There are so many varieties of plants, from size, colour and smell that any one you choose will be a fantastic enhancement to your space.

This is not for everyone, but to celebrate the outside in is a big yes for me and will definitely be playing with this idea in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 12.54.17


Texture me up


Good morning beautiful people!

I was browsing on Pinterest last night and came across these stunning designs above, how beaut are they?! The images got me thinking about texture and different, more unusual ways of using them in the home. 

The materials used above include oak, brick, slate and marble. The textures are not only beautiful, they are also extremely practical within the areas they have been placed within. Using textures around the home rather than simple paint has become increasingly popular over the years and has become a fun way to enhance a home’s personality.

Especially used in wet rooms and showers within luxury spa hotels and home showrooms, marble flooring and slate walls have become all the rage and with new formed materials you can too have the effect in your home! The great thing about textures is that they work whether your humble abode is a cosy 1 bed cottage or a stately home and can compliment whichever space they are placed in (as long as you do it right!)

If you have any particular textures you love and wish to share with me, please do! I love new ideas and people’s individual creations!