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My name is Megan Frances Poulton,  I am 21 years young and I live in Enfield, LondonšŸ‡¬šŸ‡§. I am an aspiring Interior Designer and currently studying a Diploma in Interior Design Skills with the NDA (National Design Academy). I have created this blog as a progression tool within my career and to compile all my favourite things in this world with regards to interior design, (I am sure I will feel the need to post about some other of my favourite things also!).

The name for my blog derives from a quote I saw describing an empty room as a blank canvas in need of a lick of paint. I now start every project/design with this in mind and decided it would be an ideal name so I hope you like it!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy my blog and what is to come.

If you have any queries please contact me on meganpoulton5@gmail.com

Thank you





As I am super busy at the moment! And getting more feedback from my instagram I have decided to move Blank Kanvas entirely on instragram. It’s also easier for me to upload amazing pics and updates on instragram. So if you would love to follow more of me please follow my instagram – blank.kanvas 

Thank you for being my listeners, love to all of you! 

Monochrome Loving

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 19.30.09

How gorgeous is the above Golf Club Villa created by Christians & Hennie AS. I came across this on my travels through the internet gazing at different worldwide designers and realised how much monochrome is making a comeback.

Now I’m not talking pure monochrome, tiny bit harsh, but mixed with some dark bronze tones, a palm tree and texture, it is a match made in interior heaven.Ā 

Although, again, like any interior, it depends how you work the colours and the space that makes a good design a good design. Simple black and white is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but it can make quite an impact when done right.Ā 

P.S. super quick posts from me this week as I am super busy at work, but I will be back in full swing by next week I promise!Ā 

love to you all!





Tribal at its finest


Introducing tribal pieces like no other, L’OBJETĀ is the life work of Elad Yifrach. A lifelong traveler, Elad is especially fond of the Mediterranean, its peoples and ways, and its venerable traditions of fine craft and the designs support this.Ā 

From the 24 Carat gold spikes to the outstanding craftsman ship of the ornament candles, honestly they are works of art! The theme I feel is extremely ‘inside outy’. You gaze at the pieces and you’re instantly taken to a Mediterranean beach, palm trees, cocktails, sun and luxury.Ā 

I love the glamour of these works without being too much and too overpowering! L’OBJET have got the pieces just right! One of their most recent collections include gorgeous porcelian accessories which can be handpainted with 24 carat liquid gold, platinum or white matte which all look so beautiful and so professional.

I have had the pleasure to be sent L’OBJET’s catalogues including their newest designs and have to share them with you guys on here as everything about the photography is just stunning along with the pieces displayed within them!

Investment pieces that will make you fall in love again and again.


tribalcbjscmirrorPicture1Spike bowlWoman





Boho Chic

If you have read my previous posts, you would know I am very much a fan of minimalism and clean, fresh looks and sometimes the thought of a busy pattern filled interior somewhat scares me slightly. However, I have warmed ALOT to the gorgeous colours and use of ‘outdoors/indoors’ vibes within the boho chic theme.

The busy patterns and colours and the use of shrubbery indoors makes me love this look! The look also manages to make an interior feel very homely and comfortable.

To achieve this look use mixed patters, complimentary colours and textures, LOTS and LOTS of textures. Look at just some of the images below found on Pinterest at some of the styles I love!




Up and coming

Afternoon lovelies! 

So, this morning I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady called Charlotte O’Reilly. Charlotte came into our offices to present the team with her works and wow, we were amazed! 

This post is a completely personal opinion for Charlotte’s work and I asked Charlotte if I could post this as I have never seen anything so intricate and wonderful! Charlotte creates all the designs herself and are hand drawn by her very own hand!

Charlotte’s works can be printed onto almost any material including ceramic tiles (how amazing some of them are for a swimming pool, GUSH!) She can also create completely bespoke designs to an unbelievable standard. The tastes completely differ in design and go from very classic to very out there!

I wanted to post this from one hopeful designer to another (Charlotte is a tad bit in front of me ;)) because it is a very hard industry to get into and I feel a little compliment here and there does do the world of good of any day, good or bad!

Please take a look at Charlotte’s designs below and take a look at her website!



What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows

– Ralph Marston

This time last year, I was in a job I didn’t like, I felt like I had no career ahead of me, I was constantly thinking negative and I was overall in quite a bad place. I had no self esteem, I was definitely a non-believer! Now, I am on my way to becoming what is my dream career, I have the best support around me, I am focused and determined and happier then ever.Ā 

Don’t get me wrong I have down days, when my stapler won’t work or I eat that bit too much but now I don’t give up and waste that day. I take a deep breath and carry on. I look at each day now as a game of Tomb Raider, you know when she dies and you go straight back to the checkpoint. Every part of your day that something goes ‘wrong’, think of it as a checkpoint. In that moment start your mind set again. What was ‘wrong’ before, fix it in the most positive way possible.Ā 

I love the quote above a lot as it is so true. in every day life we make little decisions that lead us onto bigger paths. I chose to change my career and it made me so happy. My next goal is to change my lifestyle, becoming healthier. Whatever your goal is, it takes time and small steps but it also takes determination and dedication.Ā 

I was exactly the same as you, reading countless motivation blogs, scrolling down thousands of Instagram pages spending way too much time gazing at people who have worked hard for what they have meanwhile I could be out getting exactly that!

I just wanted to write this post to give a tiny bit of hope to those who was in my position a year ago or if you’re on your way like me, to just keep on going!

I cannot wait to see what life has got in store for me, and I hope you can’t either!


Rubelli Love

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 21.16.04

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 21.17.51

Rubelli x Armani Casa

Lifted your jaw up from the ground yet? It took me around an hour! The images above are just a couple of the schemes that were created by Rubelli x Armani Casa. ‘Ten years from its launch, the Armani/Casa division of the Giorgio Armani Group has established itself as a global leader in the luxury interiors market. Synonymous with an elegant and contemporary lifestyle, Armani/Casa is the expression of Giorgio Armaniā€™s own vision of the home as an intimate but sophisticated setting with an atmosphere of comfort and harmony’

I have only been introduced to Rubelli recently but I am already in love. The practice create works from wall coverings to furniture and accessories. Their collections provide luxury with comfort and does it very very well. Armani Casa provides a beautiful harmony with masculinity and femininity into one space.Ā 

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 21.26.32

Rubelli has many more collections which show the outstanding works that this brand can create!

rubelli.com – head over to it now!


The Bible


The Bible

Being new to the world of working in the world of Interior Design I felt it was needed to buy a helping hand along the way. The image above is of the book I now swear by. The book contains anything and everything from top designers to getting started in the industry.

There are top trends you should look out for in there and many different ideas and designs to admire. The book is made up of many different top designers who each write an article around something they love and how to incorporate it into a space.

If you are new to the world of Interior Design, please get this asap. It will be your go to manual of life (if you like).



Now I am not the greatest fan of ‘doing it yourself’ however, when it comes to design, there are so many opportunities to ‘do it yourself’ and make something look spectacular. I am only in day 2 of my new job working for my first interior design company (eeeek!) but I have already discovered new ways and creative solutions to furnishings.

As per I had a flick through on Pinterest and found some gorgeous ways of reinventing simple day to day ideas. Please comment on any ideas you may have or may have seen, I would love to hear them!


I am in love with this gorgeous side table made out of cement slab blocks. On it’s own, the materials look incredibly dull, however, when strategically placed in this way and accessorised as done in the image, I think it is a wonderfully ethnic way of adding edge to a bedroom. The greens also brighten up the dull grey perfectly and add a fresh new look to the material, love it! I want one šŸ˜¦


Old tyre? A bit of cardboard? Some rope? This idea is perfect for you. The rope finish makes for a perfect edgy stool in any modern home. The rope also adds a beach effect, perfect for a by the sea apartment or even to use in spa’s. This idea can be used for any shape and size and even can be used to create storage boxes which would be a fun creative way to update an old box for say a child’s bedroom. Give it a go!


This idea can be altered to however and whatever you want. It is a classic and will never get old. This particular design has used 6 planks of oak with strong nails and hooks. The sign can either be painted on or stamped (you can get good stamps for this type of diy on eBay or any arts and crafts shop). This design is seen mostly in kitchens for coffee cups as shown or even pots and pans or other household items.


Now if you’ve still got some tyre left over from building your stool, why not create a rocking chair! I am always favoured to very simple minimalistic and modern ideas however this caught my eye as being fun and so very different. This design is simple and a base but you can make this chair into a firm feature into a gorgeous home with added touches. Maybe a cushion on the seat and varnished and this chair could be a winner!

As I said, please let me know some more ideas you may have come up with or seen!

Have a great day guys.


Interiors in the sunĀ 

With recently coming back from Marbella, sun, sea and cocktails, I obviously had the automatic urge to look up my next get away in the sun. I wanted to showcase just some of the most luxurious hotels and villas in the most exotic of places that unfortunately are a tiny bit out of my price range!

When choosing an interior which suits a sunshine country, I find minimalist works the very best with maybe one or two block colours but nothing to overpowering. A clean, sophisticated finish is perfect, but that is just my preference! I’d love to hear what you think of the below spaces.

North Island, Seychelles

This outstanding exotic Villa situatedĀ amongst the inner granitic islands of Seychelles, shows nothing but gorgeous ethnic beauty using traditional and eco materials oozing luxury and relaxation. The pure whites represent the cleanliness and serenity of the location. The bathroom is located facing the breathtaking views of the Seychelles shores. Ultimate luxury. The villa will set you back a mereĀ ā‚¬9,185 per night. It looks like I’m going to have to dig into my piggy bank sharpish.

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

The Jade Mountain resort in St Lucia is ultimate luxury and one of the most romantic places in the world. The resort is strategically placed to face the gorgeous Jade Mountain no matter what angle you are situated at that time. The first image above shows the MOON suite. The suite comes complete with an infinity pool averaging at 650 square feet. The colours and form used in the all over scheme for the resort are flawless and beautiful. The cobalt blue colour is a favourite for exotic resorts such as this for its powerful striking effect. It’s correlation to relaxing blue skies and luxurious blue seas makes a fantastic element to a breath taking interior.

Villa U Casone, Corsica, Calvi & The Balagne

Villa U Cascone is the definitive minimalistic interior. The clean and sophisticated look of the whole scheme is something to be super envious of. The clever use of hue’s of blue in the first image is a very clever way to give that exotic vibe toIthe space.

These are just 3 of the many I have fallen in love with, let me know your favourites!

See you very soon!